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Sprint Planning Checklist

(This applies to Scrum Masters and Product Owners) You've just completed Sprint Planning, the team has already returned to their work area and then it hits you.  Oh no, I forgot to do... Re-assembling the team and trying to regain the momentum you've just lost doesn't seem like a wise choice. So you accept your mistake and try to make accommodations throughout the Sprint but it never works well. Then you get to your next Sprint Planning and once again you forget to address something that the team hasn't considered and you continue this vicious cycle hoping that one day you'll remember everything. Here's a checklist that may help. You may want to run this at the end of Sprint Planning before everyone disperses. Feel free to modify to accommodate your own context. 1. Have all defects been addressed? 2. Are the stories: -Sliced appropriately (Vertically/INVEST/SPIDR/etc.) -Prioritized by (e.g. risk & value, towards the sprint goal) -Dependent on resources that are aware of this 3. Possibly incorporate stories from: -the most recent Sprint Retrospective -the previous Sprint -the next Sprint -other teams -list of technical debt 4. Define for each story: -Acceptance Criteria -Definition of Done -Estimate -Tasks (if applicable) 5. Re-estimate the stories if necessary 6. Has the Sprint goal been identified? 7. Define the Sprint Demo: -Who/What/Why/When/Where 8. Determine what needs to be integrated with other teams 9. Co-ordinate dependencies with shared services (e.g. Desktop Support/Technical Writers/etc.) 10. Fist-of-Five POST SPRINT PLANNING 11. Update the physical and digital boards ***You may want to apply a checklist to any of the Scrum ceremonies. #sprintplanner

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