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What happened to the 3 questions in the new Scrum Guide?

If you're familiar with the 2017 version of the Scrum Guide, the 3 questions were:

  • What did I do yesterday that helped the Development Team meet the Sprint Goal?

  • What will I do today to help the Development Team meet the Sprint Goal?

  • Do I see any impediment that prevents me or the Development Team from meeting the Sprint Goal?

However, the 3 questions do NOT appear in the newly released 2020 version.

Are they no longer valid?

Instead the 2020 version states:

"The Developers can select whatever structure and techniques they want, as long as their Daily Scrum focuses on progress toward the Sprint Goal and produces an actionable plan for the next day of work."

So it appears that the focus hasn't changed. The focus remains on adjusting the plan so that the team can realistically achieve the Sprint Goal.

For some, this change may not come as a surprise. Some teams abandoned the 3 questions a while ago in favour of other techniques like "walking the board". But even in this technique, the focus is still about the Sprint Goal.

Essentially, there's nothing wrong with using the 3 questions. Just keep in mind that you can still claim to be doing Scrum even if you choose other techniques for your Daily Scrum.

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