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Repurpose the Retrospective

Sounds crazy doesn't it? Afterall, the retrospective influences change which we all know is highly valuable. In an ideal world, a retrospective would include lots of great ideas for improvement that were actually actioned. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. Some teams get stuck and struggle to come up with new exciting improvement items. Other teams have great ideas but they never get around to actually implementing them. As a Scrum Master, you could continue to force the team to endure another painful retrospective for the purposes of adhering to the Scrum ceremonies even though no value is achieved. Another option is to do something completely different. What if the team used the retrospective timeslot to complete an improvement item? That's right. Instead of using that time to come up with new ideas, have the team implement one of the ideas they already came up with. The suggestion is not to move to this new format permanently. The idea is to get the team to appreciate the outcome of a retrospective which may reinvigorate them. The team could add some automation of fix a defect that has been around for a long time. Hopefully this adds some excitement back into your retrospectives.

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