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Meaningful Sprint Goals

Have you even encountered the situation where the team has just completed Sprint Planning, they've just determined their Sprint Goal, and not 5 minutes later they've completely forgotten what the Sprint Goal was?

To make matters worse, the team doesn't recall the particulars of the Sprint Goal until it's reviewed in the Sprint Review. And at that point it's too late because the Sprint is basically complete.

Some Scrum Masters intentionally highlight the Sprint Goal in the Daily Standup so as to keep the team focused. For some teams, this works well. For other teams, the Sprint Goal becomes a nice-to-have and they focus on the stories in their backlog.

WHAT IF, the team directly made the commitment of the Sprint Goal to the customer (internal or external) or end user.

Here's what you may see:

-More accountability

-The team doesn't have to be reminded of the Sprint Goal

-The team escalates issues as soon as possible once the Sprint Goal is in jeopardy

-The team revises the Sprint Goal so that it is more achievable

-The team revises their Sprint plan to put themselves in a better position to achieve the Sprint Goal

-The Daily Standup is more focused on achieving the Sprint Goal versus completing user stories

Taking this approach, the Sprint Goal becomes more of a promise, and nobody likes to break promises.

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