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How do Agile Coaches re-invent themselves?

Throughout the pandemic there has been a constant theme of "re-inventing". Small businesses have been forced to find creative ways of generating revenue or they risk going out of business.

Some Agile coaches may find this time particularly difficult if they've had a contract terminate abruptly.

Here are some thoughts on what you can do during this difficult time:

1. Learn new training techniques. If you haven't read Sharon Bowman's 'Training from the Back of the Room' (TBR), it's a must.

You can even become a TBR certified trainer.

2. Incorporate more training options. (e.g. SAFe/LeSS/ICAgile). Just about everybody is offering virtual courses.

3. Read. Pick a theme (e.g. leadership/coaching/mindset/etc.), and go nuts.

4. Attend virtual conferences. There's lots to choose from.

5. Utilize social media (especially if you're looking for new clients).

6. Run a workshop (possibly offer it for free).

7. Practice a tool/technique you've heard about but never tried (e.g. Delegation Poker, Wardley mapping, Miro).

8. Familiarize yourself with various assessment tools (i.e. Comparative Agility/Agile Health/Business Agility/DevOps).

Being able to facilitate these sessions with agile teams as well as leadership is hugely beneficial.

Essentially, prepare yourself so that you come out of COVID, ready to go (whatever the new norm looks like).

You don't want to be thinking, I should have spent the last few months doing…

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