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Cancel the Daily Standup?

It sounds like a crazy idea doesn't it.  So why would you ever consider it?

Unfortunately, there are some teams that don't see the value.  In these situations the team probably isn't making a whole lot of progress and the Daily Standup sounds like a broken record as everyone essentially repeats the same thing everyday.

So if the team decides they want to cancel the Daily Standup what are your options?

1. Changing up the Daily Standup can be a good way of breaking up the monotony.  For example, instead of having each team member answer the 3 questions, you could go through your Kanban board starting with the rightmost column and work your way left.  This can encourage team members to swarm user stories that are close to completion.

2. If the team is adamant about canceling the Daily Standup, the Scrum Master can't really say no.  However, what is soon to follow is communication break down.  Team members have no idea what other team members are doing.  Allowing the team to fail is part of a Scrum Master's job.  Once the team realizes the communication gap they'll likely want to resume the Daily Standup.

3. If the team isn't collocated it may be worth the investment to do so.  For instance, having the entire team work out of a war room or collaboration space provides osmotic communication and can minimize the effects of a non-existent Daily Standup.

In general, the mere mention of canceling the Daily Standup indicates there is a deeper issue.  Root cause analysis is a great way of determining what that deeper issue is.  It may be time of an impromptu Retrospective.

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