The Situation

Traditional Scrum Master courses provide foundational and theoretical knowledge but not a lot of hands on.

The Problem

Scrum Masters have very little opportunity to try out their newly learned skills.


The Result

Scrum Masters return to their organizations without the experience to put their knowledge into practice.

The Answer

The Elite Scrum Master course builds on CSM/PSM to provide Scrum Masters with the support they need.

Course Structure

  • 12 weeks in duration

  • 1.5 hours each week in-class

  • Assigned reading/videos

What can you expect?

  • Real-time coaching from an Agile Coach that has worked with many teams

  • Obtain learnings from other Scrum Masters

  • Debrief your learnings

  • Practice the various Scrum ceremonies

  • Actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately

  • Elevate your career to the next level

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