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Agile Coaching

Are you experiencing any of these problems?
  • Which framework is best?

  • Where does DevOps fit in?

  • How can Portfolios/Programs/Projects be integrated in the process?

  • What level of governance is required?

  • How are capital and operating budgets affected?

  • Does the PMO need to be restructured?

  • What is needed to get the teams to buy-in?

  • What metrics must be captured and how can that be utilized for improvement?

If so, let us help.

SAFe Training

We are best suited to assist with SAFe Training because we are SAFe practitioners as well.
  • What should the first ART look like?

  • What preparation is needed for PI Planning?

  • Do I need to re-org?

  • What skills are needed to staff the SAFe roles?

  • What is a value stream?

We provide public and private SAFe training.

Click here for a complete listing of our upcoming public courses.


April 10 - 11, 2020